Nottingham Castle provides a unique context for contemporary art in the region. Dramatically perched on its promontory, overlooking the entire city, it is in fact a 17th century Ducal Palace, built on the site of a medieval castle, gutted by fire in 1831 by the people of Nottingham after the Duke of Newcastle refused to support voting reform and then re-opened in 1878 as, reputedly, the first publicly funded gallery outside London.

Inside the building, temporary exhibition spaces are accompanied by permanent displays focusing on the Fine and Decorative Art collections, and on broader themes that allow a cross-disciplinary approach.


This site is an archive containing images of exhibitions that took place at Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery in 2017.

A new site will be generated for each subsequent year giving a more in depth catalogue of exhibitions and events that have featured in our programme for that year. Click here to visit the 2006-2013 site.